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Are you considering joining a (bone marrow) blood stem cell registry?

Every year thousands of adults and children globally are diagnosed with blood diseases and in many instances a (bone marrow) blood stem cell transplant is their only life-saving treatment option. Sadly there is only a 25% chance of finding a match from a sibling or within the family. For the remaining 75% their only option is an unrelated matched donor – that (bone marrow) blood stem cell donor could be you.

If you are:

  • Between 18 – 45 years of age
  • Weigh more than 50kgs
  • Have a BMI of less than 40
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle and
  • Willing to help any patient in need

You could be the perfect match that someone in need of a (bone marrow) blood stem cell transplant is looking for.

Join the Sunflower Fund’s stem cell registry today! Phone 0800 12 10 82.

The Sunflower Fund is constantly looking to increase its database both in number as well as ethnic diversity. However, potential donors need to fulfil certain criteria relating to age and health.

For more information on becoming a blood stem cell (bone marrow) donor, please complete the fields below and we will be in touch:

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